John Benson, well-known for his creative and original mathematics problems, is sharing a series of Calculus problems with other ICTM members.

"I believe that students learn mathematics best when they work on appropriate problems, problems that challenge them to create new information. I have written many such problems for the Calculus course that I taught.

 Please feel free to contact me with comments or questions. I hope they make teaching a little more fun. There is not an available answer key for these problems because we always worked them out together in class. I encourage you to do the same."

These problems were written in order to teach BC Calculus to students who were using Ostebee & Zorn Calculus.. They are meant to be given one problem at a time, worked on together as a class and discussed with the class before doing the next. Many of the problems are, however, appropriate for other Calculus courses and contain a wide variety of topics and a large range of difficulty. If you teach Calculus, we know you will find many problems of interest to you and your students.

Problem Set: Chapter 1: Functions and Derivatives: The Graphical View
     Download PDF File: Chapter 1 Beginnings (Part I)
     Download PDF File: Chapter 1 Beginnings (Part 2)

Problem Set: Chapter 2: Functions and Derivatives: The Symbolic View
     Download PDF File: The Meaning and Definition of The Derivative

Problem Set: Chapter 3: New Derivatives from Old
     Download PDF File: Rules for Differentiating

Problem Set: Chapter 4: Using the Derivative
     Download PDF File: Applying Derivatives

Problem Set: Chapter 5: The Integral
     Download PDF File: The Area Function

Problem Set: Chapter 6: Numerical Integration
     Download PDF File: Numerical Integration

Problem Set: Chapter 7: Using the Integral
     Download PDF File: Integrations Applications (V1)
     Download PDF File: Integrations Applications (V2)

Problem Set: Chapter 8: Symbolic Antidifferentiation Techniques
     Download PDF File: Integration Methods

Problem Set: Chapter 9: Function Approximation
     Download PDF File: Series Beginnings (V1)
     Download PDF File: Series Beginnings (V2)

Problem Set: Chapter 10: Improper Integrals
     Download PDF File: Indefinite and Applications

Problem Set: Chapter 11: Infinite Series
     Download PDF File: 11.1 Limits
     Download PDF File: 11.2 Convergence Tests
     Download PDF File: 11.3 Tests Alternate Series

Problem Set: Chapter "V": Vectors and Polar Coordinates
     Download PDF File: Vectors
     Download PDF File: Polars

Problem Set: Chapter "M": Multivariable Calculus: A First Look
     Download PDF File: Differential Equations