Constitution and Bylaws

Mission Statement

Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a community of PreK through Post-graduate (PreK-20) educators promoting equitable, high-quality mathematics teaching and learning through leadership, collaboration, advocacy and professional development.


The Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics is the state leader in mathematics education. ICTM is committed to sound pedagogy, teacher collaboration, and professional development, ensuring student achievement through engagement in meaningful and rigorous instruction. As a respected leader in mathematics education at the school, district, state, and national levels, ICTM serves as a collaborative partner to promote the achievement of every student.


The purposes of the Council shall be to encourage active interest in all areas of mathematics and mathematics education, to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics and the role of mathematics in other disciplines, to promote research in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and to provide opportunities for the exchange of views regarding the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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