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ICTM President and President-Elect's Statement on Anti-Asian Racism
ICTM's mission continues to be to provide a high quality and equitable mathematics education to all students. As educators we know that our role stretches beyond the content of mathematics. We don't just teach math, we teach students.  We can't be silent on issues of violence that impact our communities and specifically about recent tragic events involving anti-Asian racism.  The ICTM President and President-Elect (Annie Forest and Adam Poetzel) have issued this statement on these recent events.

April 13, 2021 ICTM Webinar: Young Mathematicians: STEM Skills for Success with Lindsey Herlehy at 7:00 PM
Our youngest STEAM learners are creative and curious, but require support and foundational skills in mathematics and science. Join us for a series of integrated activities that explore subitizing, sorting, drawing, patterns, and data analysis, and leave with new ideas of how to build these STEAM skills in your classroom and remote-learning environment.  (REGISTER HERE!!!)

ICTM 2021 Annual Conference Will Be 10/16!
Save the Date! The 2021 ICTM conference will be a half-day conference on Saturday 10/16!  To make the conference most accessible as we continue to navigate the pandemic, the conference will be held virtually.  Look more information in the coming months!  To access recorded videos of our 2020 conference, visit our resources page

2021 ICTM Awards and College Scholarships
It is time to nominate a deserving colleague for one of our 9 annual ICTM Teaching and Leadership Awards! Nomination packets are due by the end of March 31. It is also time to tell pre-service teachers about our annual $1500 college scholarships! Scholarship application packets are due by the end of May 9.

Recommendations and Resources for 2020-21
Looking for some guidance and resources for this unparalleled 2020-21 school year? Check out ICTM's updated Learning Resources page.  The page includes links to recommendations from ISBE, NCTM & NCSM, Achieve the Core, and more.  It also has links to many useful digital resources and tools.  If you have ideas to add to the page, please e-mail them to [email protected]

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Learning Resources

We have put together a list of websites and other resources to assist with the 2020-21 School year. Check it out!

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