ICTM Webinar List

ICTM Webinars are FREE professional development opportunities that encourage communication and collaboration among ICTM members and potential members. Webinar speakers are teaching professionals invited to share their expertise in short online sessions.

 Past Webinars: 

Date Speaker(s)
Title (with link to video)
4/12/22 Vada Gray Creating Equitable Spaces Through Mathematical Discourse
3/15/22 Kelly Wamser Remijan Flags of Africa: Promoting Cultures and Connecting Math Concepts
2/3/22 Alicia Burdess Big Beautiful Problems
1/11/22 Shelby Strong Communicating Like Mathematicians
12/7/21 Michael Steele The 5 Practices in Practice
6/8/21 Theresa Wills

Teaching Math at a Distance: Reimagining Face-to-Face and Remote Instruction

Presentation Link

5/11/21 Esther Song Not Just Skills: Bravely Prioritizing Identity in the Mathematics Classroom
4/13/21 Lindsey Herlehy Young Mathematicians: STEM Skills for Success
3/9/21 Karen Hicks and Sharonda Thomas We ALL Have Access to the Mathematical Content: Strategies for Every Learner
2/9/21 Daniel Bechtel and Kevin Kennedy Old Dogs and New Tricks: Veteran Teachers Give Their Guidance on Making Sense of a Remote Learning World
1/12/21 Howie Hua What Do We Owe Each Other: Belonging in Mathematics
12/8/20 Kyle Harlow and Kristopher Mason Lessons from Remote Learning: Leading and Coaching
 11/10/20  Eric Anderson and Sakthi Shanmugasundaram   Talk to it: Literacy Strategies in Mathematics
10/17/20 ICTM Virtual Annual Conference Over 20 sessions were recorded during ICTM's first annual virtual conference.  Access to these recordings are a member-benefit.  Click here to view all of these recordings (you will be prompted to sign in with your member login info)
3/31/20 Zack Korzyk DeltaMath (Technology)
3/30/20 Steve Phelps Graspable Math (Technology) 
3/9/20 Sean Nank Standards Based Grading: Fostering Student Learning
2/3/20 Jeremy Babel Trauma Informed Teaching in Mathematics (**Audio Issues**)
5/30/19 Math Coaches Panel Math Coaching Virtual Panel Discussion
4/18/19 Frank Wapole; Evan Borkowski Rethinking Math Homework
3/21/19 Christina Betz-Cahill Ugh! Problem Solving 
3/16/19 Matthew Foster Misconceptions as Weeds
2/4/19 Anne Agostinelli Closing the Formative Feedback Loop
9/25/18 Annie Forest Math Teacher Twitter
5/15/18 Adam Poetzel All Sorts of Fun with Desmos Card Sorts
4/18/18 Sara Curran; Jackie Murawska Conceptual Understanding in Elementary Mathematics: Finding Time Every Day
3/21/18 Anne Agostinelli Bringing Closure to Lessons with Productive Summaries
2/22/18 Christina Betz-Cahill Assessing Fluency in Math for Grades K-8
1/23/18 David Ruth Programming Math Activities using AppLab from Code.org
12/19/17 Kassia Wedekind Teaching and Assessing for Sense-Making and Agency
10/30/17 Elham Kazemi Improving Teaching by Learning from Children
10/18/17 Denise Brown Counting Collections 
10/11/17 David Wees and Jennifer Kim Introduction to Instructional Routines
9/20/17 Jerica Jurado Mathematics of Empathy
 5/17/17  Graham Fletcher Mathematical Modeling in the Elementary Classroom (or Beyond)
 4/19/17  Tina Nocella and Gary Chu What's the Point? Using Standards-Based Grading to Interrupt the “Game of School"
 2/23/17  Craig Cullen Role of Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: Focus on GeoGebra
 1/27/17  Annie Forest Making Student Thinking Visible Using Tech Tools
 12/7/16  Zachary Herrmann Creativity and Curiosity in the Math Classroom
 11/14/16  Adam Poetzel Introduction to Desmos Activity Builder
10/3/16 Matt Larson Overcoming Obstacles to Make Mathematics Work for Each and Every Student
5/16/16 Bill Trapp The Redesigned SAT: What Every Illinois Math Teacher Needs to Know


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