Presidential Awards

The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) Program was established in 1983 by The White House and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The program identifies outstanding science and mathematics teachers, kindergarten through 12th grade, in each state and the four U.S. jurisdictions. These teachers are to serve as models for their colleagues and will be leaders in the improvement of science and mathematics education.

Since 1983 over 2,000 teachers have been selected to enter the network of Presidential Awardees. They represent a premier group of science and mathematics teachers and provide the nation with an impressive array of expertise to help improve teaching and learning while becoming more deeply involved in activities such as curriculum material selection, research, curriculum development and teaching other teachers. While most remain in the classroom, some have become school principals, supervisors, superintendents and college faculty.

Recognition is given to K-12 teachers in four award groups, (l) elementary mathematics, (2) elementary science, (3) secondary mathematics, and (4) secondary science. The secondary groups include middle, junior, and senior high school teachers. The award now alternates yearly by grade level beginning with teachers of grades 7-12 in 2003 and teachers of grades K-6 in 2004.

For more information see the official web site of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathamatics and Science Teaching.

Illinois Presidential Awardees for Mathematics

Award Year: 1983
Charles L. Hamberg 
Secondary Mathematics 
Award Year: 1984
Cathy J. Cook 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1985
Richard Rhoad 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1986
Timothy D. Kanold 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1987
John Allen Benson 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1988
Walter Dodge 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1989
Susan Kohn Eddins 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1990
Angela Giglio Andrews
Elementary Mathematics
Ronald K. Nagrodski 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1991
Linda Eileen North 
Elementary Mathematics
Carol McGehe 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1992
Mary E. Modene 
Elementary Mathematics
Nancy Norem Powell 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1993
Stephen M. Meehan 
Elementary Mathematics
John A. Carter 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1994
E. Suzanne Henderson 
Elementary Mathematics
John Jacob Diehl 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1995
Nancy Ann Bertauski 
Elementary Mathematics
Sandra Kay Dawson 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1996
Marie Charlotte Schneider 
Elementary Mathematics
Kathleen Rapp Smith 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1997
Janice Granse 
Elementary Mathematics
Jan L. Robinson 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1998
Maureen Margaret Nolan 
Elementary Mathematics
Raymond J. Klein 
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 1999
Denise N. Edelson
Elementary Math
Robert Martin Pacyga
Secondary Math
Award Year: 2000
Krysta Jan Christensen
Elementary Mathematics
Naila Qureshi Bokhari
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 2001
Becky Ann  Gill
Elementary Mathematics
Gwendolyn M.  Zimmermann
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 2002
Patrick Tomlin
Elementary Mathematics
Natalie Jakucyn
Secondary Mathematics
Award Year: 2003
Denise Brown
7-12 Mathematics, East Prairie School
Award Year: 2004
Linda Figgins
K-6 Mathematics, McKinley Elementary
Award Year: 2006 
Keelin Broughan
K-6 Mathematics, Paul Revere School
Award Year: 2007
Lesley Lamphier
7-12 Mathematics, Moline High School
Award Year: 2008
Jennifer Rising
K-6 Mathematics, Lake Forest Country Day School
Award Year: 2009
Paul Karafiol
7-12 Mathematics, Walter Payton College Prep High School
Award Year: 2010
Jill Chetham 
K-6 Mathematics, Westview Elementary
Award Year: 2011
Peter DeCraene 
7-12 Mathematics, Evanston Township High School
Award Year: 2012 
Lisa Feltman 
K-6 Mathematics, Kenneth E. Neubert Elementary 
Award Year: 2013
Darshan Jain
7-12 Mathematics, Stevenson High School
Award Year: 2014
Catherine Ditto
K-6 Mathematics, Burley Elementary School
Award Year: 2015

Lisa Nicks
7-12 Mathematics, Thornton Township High School

Award Year: 2016
Reginald Duncan
K-6 Mathematics, Wingate Elementary School
Award Year: 2017

Natalie Johnson
7-12 Mathematics, Metea Valley High School

Award Year: 2018

Kristy Regan
K-6 Mathematics, Hazelgreen Elementary School

Award Year: 2019

David Sladkey
7-12 Mathematics, Naperville Central High School

Award Year: 2020

Brandy Hempen
K-6 Mathematics, Germantown Elementary School

Award Year: 2021