About Us

The Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) began organizing in 1948 to create and foster greater interest in the teaching of mathematics at all grade levels. A small group of 90 interested mathematics teachers met in 1949 at the University of Illinois to determine the structure for a state mathematics association.

Mission Statement

Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a community of PreK through Post-graduate (PreK-20) educators promoting equitable, high-quality mathematics teaching and learning through leadership, collaboration, advocacy and professional development.


The Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics is the state leader in mathematics education. ICTM is committed to sound pedagogy, teacher collaboration, and professional development, ensuring student achievement through engagement in meaningful and rigorous instruction. As a respected leader in mathematics education at the school, district, state, and national levels, ICTM serves as a collaborative partner to promote the achievement of every student.


The purposes of the Council shall be to encourage active interest in all areas of mathematics and mathematics education, to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics and the role of mathematics in other disciplines, to promote research in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and to provide opportunities for the exchange of views regarding the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Presidents of ICTM

R.A. (Reuben) Baumgartner  1948-49                     
Helen Schneider 1949-50   Jerry Cummins 1979-80
C.N. Mills 1950-51   Phares O'Daffer 1980-81
Eugene Hellmich 1951-52   Shirley Przybylski 1981-82
Henry Swain 1952-53   Terry Popp 1982-83
Mildred Cole 1953-54   Paul Trafton 1983-84
Frank Allen 1954-55   John McConnell 1984-85
Glenn H. Ayre  1955-56   Paula Filliman 1985-86
Clarence Fugua 1956-57   Cathy Cook 1986-87
Donna Norton Holroyd 1957-58   Sandra Spalt-Fulte 1987-88
LeRoy Sachs 1958-59   Marvin Doubet 1988-89
Mary Louise Fisher 1959-60   Katherine Pedersen  1989-90
Francis Brown 1960-61   Dennis Filliman 1990-91
Jane Jaeger 1961-62   Linda Bailey 1991-92
Joseph Stipanowich 1962-63   Cheryl Hawker 1992-93
Houston Kirk 1963-64   John Hester 1993-94
Alice Hart 1964-65   Randy Pippen 1994-95
Charles Schulz 1965-66   Steven Viktora 1995-96
(Alphonso) DiPietro 1966-67   Richard Wyllie 1996-97
James Ulrich 1967-68   Sandra Dawson 1997-98
Jerry A. Shryock 1968-69   RB Thompson 1998-99
Delphine Dupee 1969-70   Mary Modene 1999-01
Richard Crumley 1970-71   Sue Pippen 2001-03
Ruth Anderson 1971-72   Robert Urbain 2003-05
John Schumaker 1972-73   Jackie Cox 2005-07
Donald R. Herrick 1973-74   Karen Holly 2007-09
Anne Griffin 1974-75   Fern Tribbey 2009-11
George Grisham 1975-76   Don Porzio 2011-13
Alan Foster 1976-77   Robert Mann 2013-15

Irene Jinks
Norman Young




George Reese
Jackie Murawska
Annie Forest
Adam Poetzel
Craig Cullen


Photo of past presidents taken at the Annual Conference on 10/7/23 in celebration of ICTM's 75th anniversary! Pictured from left to right: Steve Viktora, Linda Bailey, RB Thompson, Randy Pippen, Bob Mann, Sue Pippen, Craig Cullen, Annie Forest, Jackie Murawska, Adam Poetzel.