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Featured Articles:

The Pythagorean Theorem Using Regular Shapes and Three Dimensions 
(Leona Mirza, Lucas Ashorian, and Tristan Beatty)

From the IMT Archives: The Betzel-Wood Version of the Pythagorean Theorem
(Barb Curcic, IMT 24(4), October 1973, pp. 22-24)

From Play to Proficiency: Learning Probability and Statistics with Madame Rosie 
(Jie Shi Liew )

From the IMT Archives: Fractured Fairy Tales 
(Marie Molinoski, IMT 30(1), January 1979, pp. 15-18)

Propeller Powered, Remotely Piloted, and Autonomous Vehicles in the Military:
Innovations to Engage Students with Math Concepts

(Kelly W. Remijan)

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