Illinois Promising New Teacher Award

Guidelines for Nomination

The nominee should meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a highly motivated and effective teacher in Illinois whose current assignment includes time teaching mathematics.
  2. Be teaching for less than five years total. (This means that if the current teaching year is the fifth year, the nominee is still eligible.)

 Past Winners

2002 Carolyn Droll   2013 Michael Caines
2003 Valerie Tomkiel (Consiglio)   2014 Esther Song
2004 Andrea Kay Knapp   2015 Tina Nocella
2005 Amy Williams   2016 Ben Hyman
2007 Heidi Skorin   2017 John O'Malley IV
2008 Morgan Moser   2018  Tami Kelley
2009 Ashley Blackstone   2019   Stephen Cimaglia
2010 Maryjoy Heineman   2020 Veronica Walinski
2011 Zachary Herrman   2021 Sydney Hendricks
2012 Julienne Au   2022 Jordan Stein
      2023 Hannah Reudy