Max Beberman Mathematics Educator Award

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Guidelines for Nomination

The nominee should meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a highly motivated and effective mathematics educator; that is, in the preparation of mathematics teachers, the design and development of curriculum, in education research, or other activities of educational value. This work should have either been done in Illinois or have had a significant impact on mathematics education in Illinois.
  2. a)  Have performed outstanding service to the field of mathematics by providing leadership in professional organizations at the state or national level; OR 
    b)  Have made outstanding contributions to research in mathematics education either by carrying out the research or by directing research of others.
  3. Have publications in the field of mathematics education.

 Past Winners 

1971 Robert Pingry   1983 Irwin Feinstein   1995 Frederick Flener
1972 Clarence Hardgrove   1984 Lola May   1996 Philip Wagreich
1973 Joseph Stipanowich   1985 Dale Jungst   1999 John W. McConnell
1974 Frances Brown   1986 Katherine Pedersen   2000 Cindy Langrall
1975 Lawrence Ringenberg   1987 Frank Allen   2008 Edna Bazik
1976 Wilson Zaring   1988 Kenneth Retzer   2009 Beverly Rich
1977 Ross Finney   1989 Kenneth J. Travers   2011 Joyce Bishop
1978 Burt Kaufman   1990 Paul Trafton   2013 Adam Poetzel
1979 Peter Braunfeld   1991 Carol Thornton   2014 Alan Zollman
1980 Phares O'Daffer   1992 Merlyn Behr   2015 Martha Eggers
1981 Zalman Usiskin   1993 David Page   2016 Andy Isaacs 
1982 John Dossey   1994 Jane Swafford   2018  Ashley Launius
            2019 Martin Gartzman
            2020 Ray Klein
            2021 Mary Jo Tavormina
            2022 Catherine Moushon
            2023 Carolyn Narasimhan