Excellence in Middle School Mathematics Teaching Award

Guidelines for Nomination

The nominee should meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a highly motivated and effective 5-9 middle / junior high school teacher in Illinois whose current assignment must include time teaching mathematics.
  2. Employ a variety of sound teaching strategies and instructional resources.
  3. Participate in professional activities.
  4. Represent the profession with enthusiasm to students, teachers, and parents.


Past Winners


1997 Jane Schleeter   2007 Rachel Henderson
1998 Fern Tribbey   2009 Daniel Greenfield
1999 Jann H. Licandro   2011 Jason Pound
2000 Edna Bazik   2012 Eric Bright
2001 Kathy Favazza   2014 Annie Forest
2002 Nancy Siemienas   2015 Martha Reilly
2003 Denise Brown   2016 Emily Weber
2004 Trish Guinee   2018  Elvia Uriostegui
      2019 Sunya Coleman
      2020 Jennifer Talbot
      2021 Debbie Jenkins
      2022 Christina Doll
      2023 Danielle Murchison