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ICTM Webinars are professional development opportunities that encourage communication and collaboration among ICTM members and potential members. Webinar speakers are teaching professionals invited to share their expertise in short online sessions.

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In this session we will talk about the need to humanize mathematics by incorporating culturally relevant pedagogy in the classroom. We will explore how a student centered environment is critical to creating a safe learning space for youth, and how empathy and compassion are at the center of building community in a math classroom.

Jerica Jurado: Mathematics of Empathy
Wed, Sept 20 @ 3:30 pm
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Date Speaker  Title (with link to video)
 5/17/17  Graham Fletcher Mathematical Modeling in the Elementary Classroom (or Beyond)
 4/19/17  Tina Nocella and Gary Chu  What's the Point? Using Standards-Based Grading to Interrupt the “Game of School"
 2/23/17  Craig Cullen  Role of Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: Focus on GeoGebra
 1/27/17  Annie Forest  Making Student Thinking Visible Using Tech Tools
 12/7/16  Zachary Herrmann  Creativity and Curiosity in the Math Classroom
 11/14/6  Adam Poetzel  Desmos
10/3/16 Matt Larson Overcoming Obstacles to Make Mathematics Work for Each and Every Student
9/13/16 Doug Clements A Brief Discussion with Doug Clements on Early Mathematics -- Foundations for All Later Learning
5/16/16 Bill Trapp The Redesigned SAT: What Every Illinois Math Teacher Needs to Know


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