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Online Registration Open for ICTM Annual Conference!

ICTM Awardees Announced!

The award selection committee has selected the awardees and the ICTM board has approved them. The list follows. Please take the time to congratulate any and all of these people.

ICTM Reception in Boston at NCTM

ICTM is at NCTM!
Be sure to attend the ICTM Receptionat NCTM Boston on April 16, 2015!

Free ICTM Webinar for Members: March 9th

ICTM Webinar #2 will take place this coming Monday, March 9th at 4 PM.
Presenter: Kelly Koberstein
Title: A Teacher’s Perspective--The Illinois Model Math Curriculum for Math 1
Please register at:

Speaker Proposal Deadline is March 15th!

Proposals to speak at the 2015 ICTM Annual Meeting and Conference will be accepted until March 15th! You can submit a proposal here.

Webinar Recording is Available!

Implementing the new standards: How do you know that you're really doing it?

ICTM Webinar

Presenter: Jennie Winters

Date: February 10, 2015

Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Check out Jo Boaler's YouCubed Website

Jo Boaler has created a website called YouCubed that ICTM members may find useful.


On 12/1, state superintendent Chris Koch posted a message on the ISBE website containing the following time-sensitive message:


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