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Call for Poster Session Presentations for ICTM Annual Conference 2016

We are hard at work planning our Annual Conference in October.  We're accepting poster session proposals now, so fill out this POSTER PROPOSAL FORM to get yours in today!  Proposals are due by May 13, 2016.

We welcome submissions from students and faculty interested in sharing their projects via this new format for ICTM/ISTA sessions.

Here are some possible topics:
• Important issues or research in mathematics/science education
• A science or mathematics topic that could have applications in the high school classroom
• An action research project
• Illustrations of teaching strategies including examples of student solutions or multiple representations of a problem

• Development of an interesting classroom task/problem and its solutions

Poster presenters will be provided with a tripod and table space. A typical poster board is 22"by 28". However, if you have a tri-fold poster that can balance on a table, that also be acceptable.
The Poster Session will last for one hour. During that time, presenters will informally engage in discussions with conference attendees about the content on their posters.


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